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Whether your business is expanding or upgrading, we have the ability to lease just about any type of equipment your business needs. We can show you a plan that will help you: conserve cash, preserve lines of credit, and keep your business on the leading edge.


Our experienced leasing consultants understand the trucking industry and take the mystery out of the process. If you want flexibility, competitive rates,and great customer service, let us help you with your unique needs. We will save you time, money, and prevent frustration.

● Long term lease-to-own options
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Credit Approval

Accounts may either be set up as a Personal DBA status or as a Commercial Credit account.
Each requires its own Credit Application.

The prospective customer must be advised that if they do not meet the following criteria they must fill out the Personal DBA application:

Establishment of Commercial Credit:

· Been in business as a Corporation or LLC for at least 3 years
· Have an accessible credit history
· Can provide an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
· Must provide an active Banking reference
· Have at least 3 credit references where accounts have been established and there exists a verifiable credit history

· Fleet Leasing will take a Corporate Credit reference sheet in lieu of an application as long as it has proper billing and physical addresses and on the reference sheet, contains all minimum information listed above, and the Credit Application is attached and signed.

The prospective customer needs to be informed that in filling out a Personal DBA Application will involve a personal credit check which will impact their personal credit score. No application will be accepted if it does not contain full name, address, SSN, DOB and references. The Credit Application must be signed acknowledging that it is a Personal Credit Application. It will not be processed without a signature.

On-line applications can be processed per the electronic signature portion of the application.


Net/Net Maintenance Guidelines

Customer Responsibility:

• Replace normally worn tires
• Replace flat run tires
• Repair Flats
• Maintain air pressure of no less than 20% of DOT mandated 100 psi on all radial tires
• Replace tires damaged by road hazards or driver mistakes such as curbed tires or cuts

• Replace burned out bulbs
• Replace broken light assembly
• Replace lost lenses and reflectors
• Repair shorts or defective wiring

• Replace normally run brake pads
• Repair air chambers and brake valves
• Adjust brakes as needed
• Repair damage to air system

• Daily safety inspections which is to include inspection of hubs and seals for leaks, proper tire inflation, proper brake operation and operable lighting

Fleet Leasing Responsibility:

To provide a properly serviced and inspected trailer that meets the following criteria:

• Meets DOT requirements
• Has on-board copy of registration and last FHWA Inspection
• FHWA is current
• Current license plate
• Locking device on slider pin handle
• Proper functioning lights
• Clean interiors
• Inspected for signs of interior water leaks
• No loose scuff liner or plywood
• Properly sealing doors
• Legal mudflaps
• Minimum 5/32” rubber on every tire
• Minimum of 3/8ths brake lining non each position
• Wheels clear of oil and grease

• Fleet Leasing will warrant any component part of any over-the-road trailer used in normal operating conditions for 30 days. This excludes driver abuse or damage and applies to failures that occur under normal operating circumstances. Tires will also be warranted for failure for the first 30 days only. This excludes punctures, driver abuse, curbing and road hazard.

Normal Wear Guidelines

• Minor dents and scratches will be accepted on the sides, roof and rails as long as the trailer is still structurally sound and water tight.

• Minor scrapes and gouges to the floor are acceptable as long as they do not exceed ¾ of the floor’s thickness and require filling and/or sectioning.

• Minor interior plywood scrapes and cuts will be accepted. Any seriously gouged or cut plywood with holes larger than 4’ are the customer’s expense.

• The doors may be scratched or scraped as long as the skin is not punctured. If doors are dented in a manner such that the door blank is exposed, broken or no longer water tight, repairs will be needed. Repairs can include straightening, sectioning or replacement.

• Minor dents to cross members are acceptable as long as the cross member is not cut, torn separated from the side rail or floor or deflected more than 3/8ths inch.

• Dents and scratches to ICC bumper are acceptable as long as the welding is secure and has not been damaged, has not been deflected more than 20 degrees from vertical or has been twisted or bent creating a hazard when entering the trailer.

• Tires must be returned with 100 PSI on radials. If tires on Net/Net agreement are to be replaced by the customer they must be of like quality. Caps will not be accepted for virgin tires.

Trailer Turn In

• At termination, the trailer will be inspected with your driver.

• If damage is found you will be notified verbally and electronically that damage has been found. We will provide repair estimates within 24 hours.

• You will never be charged for resealing anything on the trailer, removing nails from floors, refastening manifest box, refastening plywood, replacing reflective tape, refastening scuff liner, adjusting roll doors, replacing door hold backs, replacing light bulbs, re-bonding roof bows, sweeping out trailers and any total re-bill that is under $25.


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